COINNICH 1995 Jesień 2015

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This delightfully aromatic vatting is a coming together of eight eminent single malt whiskies from the five whisky regions of Scotland, including Highland Park and Laphroaig, which, after twenty years, has produced a stylish bouquet of light sherried fruits, pastries and rich Christmas cake. The flavours of butterscotch, deep brown sugars and cake mixture emerge from the spirit and onto the palate. Valiant smoky cereals and hints of coastal peat linger deep in the finish. For those searching for the combined intricacies of whisky blending and the art of maturation, you need look no further than this shining example of a blended malt matured in fine wood.
Aged 20 Years
  • All 5 whisky regions
  • October 2015
  • Bourbon barrel
  • Bourbon barrel
  • 1