PEATSIDE 2009 Jesień 2015

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This youthful and roseate spirit is a marriage of quality malts. It has rested within a reverential combination of bourbon barrels, port pipes and sweet Spanish sherry casks, ensuring the maturation of its spicy base notes into a fuller congregation of fragrances. Beginning with soft and spicy berries and gentle peppered strawberry, bountiful fruits emerge to the senses; creamy vanilla with a yielding leather undertone gives way to a soft ashy aroma. On the tongue strawberries abide with baked shortcrust pastry sweetness, then spicy cinnamon, smoked cured bacon and tender ash finish on a well-balanced dryness. This is the perfect example of the arts of blending and maturation.
Aged 6 Years
  • Trade Secret
  • October 2015
  • Bourbon barrel
  • 1st Fill Port & PX
  • 1